Camp Dogecoin (at Burning Man 2014)

From forth the fatal loins of the (now defunct) Camp Bitcoin rises the exponentially-more-good-timey-and-infinitely-more-subversive Camp Dogecoin!

Anyone who takes the plunge and affixes their booster rocket(s) to our Magnanimous Moon Unit will immediately find themselves in the company of an eclectic array of freewheeling individuals who are severely into:

Decentralizing All The Things
Enriching The Unfathomable Reservoirs Of The Absurd!

In short, this camp will be a free-forming collision of Fervent Futurists who Take Extreme Delight in All Things Decentralized and/or Have The Hots for Unconventional Hilarity.

A meeting of the minds AND the funny bones.



Camp Dogecoin’s founding constituents include:

Gary Lachance / Tom and Gary and The Elite Banana Task Force.


The Guy Who Traded A Paperclip For A House / Is Looking For These Guys


Cameron Gray: Co-Founder Of Decentral Vancouver


Dan Gunn: Chief Patron of Victoria’s Imagination / Producer/Host – VIATeC Awards


All the Discerning Dogeillionaires who sign up before the Limited Spaces are ALL GONE.

Uncle Sam Camp Dogecoin


This is a Theme Camp at Burning Man that will be Living It Up and Advancing Plans For A Radically Decentralized Future from Sunday August 24th to Monday September 1st.


We’re nestled in the North-East corner of Anahasana Village




Unbeknownst to many, Burning Man is the world’s preeminent Open-Source community; a peer-produced, collaborative undertaking that annually gives rise to an anarchic, free-forming civilization which bears a striking resemblance to Open-Source software.

Within this dynamic and empowering “operating system”, the autonomy of the participant is paramount and Burning Man is ultimately no more than “what we make it to be”.

Despite mainstream perception as “some sort of desert drug orgy”, with the right kind of eyes, Burning Man reveals itself as nothing less than a true Wonder Of The World.

A radically Open and Decentralized social experiment at the vanguard of modern cultural evolution that consistently attracts and inspires an unbelievable concentration of Unconventional Thought Leaders.

And if ever there were a perfect setting to chart a course for a radically Open and Decentralized future while simultaneously Living Life To The Fullest, this is IT.


If you’d like to join the camp, email ASAP with a short bio stating who you are, why you’re interested, what you’d like to contribute (mentally or physically or infrastructurally), and what sort of vehicle(s) you plan to arrive in (so we can organize parking).

If there’s still space, we will let you know. And if not, Camp Dogecoin is of course Radically Inclusive and you’re welcome to come by and hang out whenever you please.

At this point, Camp Dogecoin is a pretty basic camp wherein participants are responsible for providing most of their own infrastructure (food and shelter).

But we WILL have full water service (max 2 gallons per camper per day), which is HUGE, because lugging 20 gallons of water out to a remote desert outpost is Never A Good Time.

Unless things go horribly awry, we’ll also have a communal kitchen area, electricity, top-notch music, a shower, and a lovely communal conversation zone.

And the other theme camps in Anahasana Village are pretty incredible and will be imparting timeless wisdom and facilitating Experimental Dance Moves all week long.

But the primary infrastructure and attraction is of course the opportunity to connect with, learn from, and form lasting friendships with all the Turned-On Thrill Seekers who are drawn to things like this.


MAKE SURE TO BRING A BICYCLE IF YOU WANT TO USE ONE, and if you’re able to bring an extra or two to lend, we will likely need em!

– A projector and screen for our roundtable discussions (that doesn’t mind getting dusty).

-Doge and BTC-related widgets, trinkets, baubles, stickers, paper wallets, etc. for Gifting.

– We’re still seeking tickets for several camp-mates. Please let us know ASAP if you have any extras to sell!

– And we’re in dire need of as many pairs of Off-Road Blades as possible!

coyote blades


We’re planning to get everything possible decked out in Doge, erect formidable Doge flags, give out stickers and buttons and paper wallets and get all 70,000 Burning Man attendees turned on to Decentralized currencies (DOGE, BTC, Hobo Nickels, Copper Lark, etc).

But we’re pretty low on cash, so any support for the Glorious Cause is Greatly Appreciated. The Camp Dogecoin donation addresses are pictured below and we promise to remain transparent as to where all funds are directed (feel free to suggest when donating).


Camp Dogecoin BTC QR



Camp Dogecoin DOGE QR


For those who may be unaware, The DDP have been fanatically repping Dogecoin, Bitcoin and Everything Decentralized for many years now and actually have a viable plan to Save The World by employing Dance Music and Dogecoin. Click the pic below for details:

Party Doge Peace Bonds


1. At all times, you must be respectful of your fellow campers and observe Burning Man’s Ten Principles. Those who do not will be compelled to relocate.

2. Please do not bring a TV or projector to watch movies on. Last year these dudes across from us played cartoons on a 15ft screen on a constant loop and it was a buzzkill.

3. Dogecoin must be pronounced “Dogh-gee-coin“, not “Dohj-coin“.


1. We plan to host roundtable “Dialogues On Decentralization” every day at 4:00PM wherein Radically Decentralized and/or Hilarious concepts and projects can be shared, discussed and evolved in the company of new friends and collaborators.

It’s going to be a pretty open format, and you needn’t be an expert on any of these topics to participate- all are welcome to simply drop by and listen in 🙂

Click the “Facebook” links to get more details and/or easily invite your friends to each event. (especially those who aren’t part of Camp Dogecoin).

Mon. August 25th – Decentralized Currencies / Blockchain Technology (Facebook)

Tues. August 26th – Radical Decentralization (Facebook)

Wed. August 27th – Radical Transparency (Facebook)

Thurs. August 28th – Radical Absurdity (Facebook)

Fri. August 29th – Decentralized Dance Party / The Party Revolution (Facebook)

Sat. August 30th – MESH Networks / The Social Stereo (Facebook)

Sun. August 31st – WILDCARD (Determined on Playa)

Here’s the Main Facebook Group, where all the events are also organized.

2. To celebrate the (beta) release of The Official DDP Field Manual, a bicycle-borne DDP will probably be going down. Probably on Friday evening (stay tuned for details).

3. Want to orchestrate a Decentralized and/or Hilarious activity / discussion / freakout? Email us a pitch and we’ll probably include it here 🙂


We will endeavor to videotape and upload as much of this stuff as possible, allowing those who can’t make the pilgrimage to still derive Such Benefit.

All photo and video will/should please be shared with the #CampDogecoin hashtag.

But joining the Camp Dogecoin Mailing List is the best way to keep abreast!


(From the Radical Decentralization subreddit, c/o Dlight Sky)

“We are privileged to be living in the midst of the greatest transformation in the history of mankind. After muddling through the controlled and structured television era, we have each gained a planetary voice and now have undreamt-of knowledge and resources at our fingertips.

Only twenty years ago, all important media were one-way mass media: TV, radio, newspapers and magazines—giant corporations programming the masses.

All communication flowed down from the top of the pyramid; you could scream at the TV but your voice would never be heard. We were passive receivers of whatever they wanted to program us with.

In the blink of an eye, all that has changed. Information and communication have gone free. The Internet has allowed a complete rewiring of mankind. Cellphones have fully penetrated the developing world. In a few more years, virtually everyone on the planet will have the full power of the Internet in the palm of their hands.

This amounts to a massive Decentralization of power; a transitioning from hierarchical systems like governments and large corporations to individuals and small groups.

And the changes aren’t stopping with the internet and communications.

We can see other changes emerging all around us: in agriculture, energy, politics, education, and everything in between.

Few have realized the emergent revolution in Radical Empowerment now taking place. Technology is enabling us to heighten control over our lives, and it’s becoming easier every day to peacefully opt-out, or outwit present circumstances.

Never before, in the history of the world, have so many people had the ability or the means to become so empowered. This truly is an exciting time in history.

Decentralization will be the next big evolutionary leap for humanity and the revolution that will define the 21st century.”


“Let us leave good sense behind like a hideous husk and hurl ourselves, like fruit spiced with pride, into the immense mouth and breast of the world! Let us feed the unknown, not from despair, but simply to enrich the unfathomable reservoirs of the Absurd!”

Doge Want To Believe


11 Responses to Camp Dogecoin (at Burning Man 2014)

  1. My burning man camp (“Sextant Camp”) has been promoting the use of Bitcoin as a funding/donation platform to hold people accountable and demonstrate a true open-source funding system. The idea is to demonstrate this in hopes that the burning man organization might consider switching to Bitcoin if they truly believe in an open non-profit system.

    We are also building a 17,000 watt tesla coil, with a 350′ zip-line terminating right under the coils. And a skybar too!

    On June 14th, 2014, during the annual “Burning Man Pre-Compression” event we handed out cards educating people on Bitcoin software (while also asking for donations to fund our efforts).

    Here is a picture of the cards we handed out:

    I invite anyone to stop by (located at 3:15 and Esplanade for the 2014 year)

    • Gary says:

      Getting BMORG to accept BTC would be huge and it will definitely be one of our missions out there. Looking forward to zipping on the line and meeting in person. QR Codes look sharp!

  2. A Burner says:

    It is and will forever be Dohj coin. You’ve gotta be kidding me with the improper pronunciation you have. Watch the interviews and the conference. It is called Dohj coin. — Jackson Palmer explaining the pronunciation. “It’s definitely Dohj”

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  4. Chromatest says:

    Heyo Gary!!!

    Come visit me! Fcking Flamingos, 9:15&E.


  5. Josh Mohland says:

    Yeahh….. so…

    “3. Dogecoin must be pronounced “Dogh-gee-coin“, not “Dohj-coin“.”

    Unless you really hate Trogdor, I think you might want to reconsider.

    Either way, expect incoming burners saying “mohland sent us.” 😀

    they’ll tip you if you pronounce doge right. heh.

  6. IanK says:

    I’m happy to see more crypto and open-source projects making out to the Playa, I can see this being an interesting way to introduce the concept of decentralized currencies to folks who like to take good ideas and run with them!

    I gotta say though, making a rule about how to pronounce “dogecoin” seems rather sad and serves to discourage participation. I’d love to come join in, learn and engage but telling me I can’t pronounce a word the way I and everyone I talk to pronounces it to participate is pretty lame. It’s your camp, your project and I wish you well in your endeavor, just my perspective on how well this “rule” encourages learning, engagement and participation.

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  8. Hey I know this is old but if any of the DogeCoin members or anyone else wants to help out with the Digital Anarchy of the Future, the Westburner Baptist Church will be taking over the playa this year. Sounds like your people and our people could have a lot of fun together. Get at me

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