Coming Up…The Sixth Ever DDP!


Start Time: Saturday, February 13, 2010 at 6:00pm
End Time: Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 2:00am
Location: Meeting at Yaletown Roundhouse Skytrain Station, then off to wherever the Party needs to be!!


Some people are excited.
Others are outraged.

But, like it or not, they are coming.
And there’s never been a better time to Party!

Nonpartisan by design, only Partying has the potential to unite both the lovers and the haters, bringing everyone together in a wild+wacky celebration that will be completely free of controversy, regulation or corporate branding!

A “demonstration” of sorts, intended to demonstrate to the world that with no financial backing, extreme security measures or official organization, We The People have the power to create an event that is more fun and entertaining than the Olympics itself!

Together, we can show the world that Partying is the greatest sport known to Man!
And that Canada does it better than anyone else!

Visit our OFFICIAL EVENT INVITE for more info, or READ ON…..


For this event, Tom+Gary have chosen the most fun theme possible:
Any sport that was ever featured in the Olympics (both Summer and Winter) or should have been! So, any sport, or combination of sports that you can imagine!

We want trampoliners, hockey players, pole vaulters, footballers, skiers, skateboarders, snowboarders, ballerinas, ROLLERBLADERS, shot putters, bobsledders, weightlifters, bowlers, tug-of-war-ers, cyclists, whatever! Amateur or professional, young or old, all are invited!
But please dress only in Red+White!

Bring along as many balls, bats, birdies, pucks, rackets, nets, mallets and sports-related projectiles/catchers as you can! We will combine all sports into the craziest, funniest, unruliest Party Games the world has ever seen!


You can’t have a Party without music, thus:
Tom+Gary have engineered a portable Decentralized Sound System- an FM transmitter in a backpack that broadcasts Nonstop Dance Music and Jock Jams out to a huge crowd of people carrying boomboxes, which are all tuned into our station, thereby creating a powerful+portable synchronized sound system!
The effect is truly amazing!
Check out these videos to see just how fun Decentralized Dance Parties really are!


But unlike past Decentralized Dance Parties, this one is actually sanctioned, as we’ve been invited to lead a giant roaming Decentralized Dance Party through downtown Vancouver as part of the Made In Vancouver Festival!

The Made In Vancouver Festival is a huge outdoor arts festival organized by “I Heart Van Art” ( featuring the audiovisual offerings of hundreds of local Vancouver artists throughout the Olympics.
Our job is to attract as many random people as possible to our Party and then lead everyone together in a huge group as we roam through the city and Party Hearty all the way through the Made In Vancouver Fest and beyond!

This action will last many hours and is guaranteed to be the best show in town!
YOU are an essential component!
And it’s 100% FREE!


-Share this invite with everyone you know to maximize our collective Party Potential!


-Do your best to acquire a boombox to tune in to our Party Broadcast (and paint it red and white if you’re feeling inspired) Tom+Gary will provide at least 50 boomboxes of our own, but the more the merrier!

-If it’s raining, just bring an umbrella and bag your boombox.. The Party WILL NOT BE CANCELLED!

-The Party will take place on February 13th, late afternoon or early evening.
-Check back here for final instructions on meeting times and locations!

-More Decentralized Dance Parties will soon follow, including one on a Secret Mountain and a Grand Finale Blowout Party on the night of the closing ceremonies!


We’re also selling a limited-edition run of stylin’ t-shirts featuring the two logos pictured below as part of a joint fundraising effort between Tom+Gary’s Dynamic Dance Party Delivery Service and I Heart Van Art.
With three Red+White-themed events fast approaching, they’re a well-advised wardrobe choice… Retailing for just $20 apiece, you can’t afford not to!
Message us before Friday, February 5th if you want one!



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