The 6th Ever Decentralized Dance Party

Once again, the 6th Ever Decentralized Dance Party was the best yet!!

Literally thousands joined in on the fun and the all-night rain couldn’t even slow us down as Vancouver came together, dancing like maniacs and showing The World what it means to Party!  Big thanks!  You did Tom+Gary+Canada very, very proud!!!

Highlights included: Urban Luging up Davie, Dumpster Dancing, Granville Street Skydive+Crowdsurfing, Robson Rink Radicalysm, and 4 Brothers’ Pizza!

The next Party is slated for Saturday, Feb. 20th in Whistler.  We’re still working out details, but it looks like we’ll be chartering a Party Bus or two!  Westbeach has kindly provided us with some Party Paraphernalia and we plan to hold a Party-lympics with several fun events. The invite will be posted soon, but the easiest way to keep abreast is to sign up for our mailing list on the right —->

The next Party after that is scheduled for Saturday, February 27th in downtown Vancouver, once again for the Made In Vancouver Festival and featuring more boomboxes, more sports, more fun, more dancing, more contests and a Very Sexy Surprise!

Once again, we spent many hundreds of dollars ($250 on balloons alone) to create that Party, and we are quite poor.  So if you had a great time last night, a donation of any amount would be greatly appreciated!  We want to throw more Parties, more often, and with more intensity- but we can’t do it alone!!  You need the Party, and the Party needs you!

We also lost about 20 of our boomboxes, including some of our favorites.  If you have one, please get in touch with us at  Or even better, slap in some fresh batteries and bring it to the next party!

Stay tuned for the official DDP photos and video of the night…

See you at the Party,


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