Party Safari Is A Go!

The Party Safari has hit a few bumps since the initial planning, but Tom and Gary are committed to spreading the fun and awesomeness of the DDP across Canada, North America, and Earth. The Tour has had to be revised at the last minute due to a number of factors, but now looks like this:

Saskatoon, SK – Oct. 2nd

Winnipeg, MB – Oct. 4th

Toronto, ON – Oct. 7th

Fredericton, NB – Oct. 9th

Calgary, AB – Oct. 16th

But only with your help can we succeed.

Each of these links leads to our fund-raising page in the corresponding city:






We are 2 guys bankrupting ourselves to make this happen.

We need to raise $4000 in each city in order to fund our tour.

If you can, please help us help you Party. We will greatly appreciate it, and you won’t be disappointed!

The full details are available on our Tour Page HERE

See you at the Parties,
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  1. Guys, what would it take for you to do Edmonton? Seriously, ask anyone in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto – we party harder here than any city in Canada. It’s the only thing we have TO do. Also, I’m in the national, daily and weekly media and would help you lots.

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