A Party Safari Update


We are packing the motorhome and Party Safari begins tomorrow!
Here are the details you need to know:


We’re still pretty far behind where we’d hoped to be with donations.
And so we are unveiling one of our t-shirt designs to encourage people to donate:

We really do need some help to cover the costs of throwing 5 Parties over 15,000km, so if you can donate online or in person we will really appreciate it and hopefully not go bankrupt!
Donate here to receive your t-shirt and/or other cool perks:


We will loan out about 100 boomboxes from our collection at each Party.  To ensure that we get them back at the end of the night, we need to get a deposit of $20 each for them ($40 for the best ones).  So if you want to borrow one, show up early and don’t forget your cash.  And we REALLY DO NEED THEM ALL BACK in order to keep the Party Safari going across Canada, so please don’t keep them!  If lots of them don’t get returned at the end of the night we will never come back!


We will arrive in each city the day before and scout out the Party Route.
Then we will post the meeting point on the facebook event page.
Meet us at the meeting point at 8:00PM
If you have your own boombox, come a little early and we will help you tune it in to our Party Broadcast.
Then we turn on all the boomboxes and lead you on a DDP Party Adventure.




As we said in the invite, we will be out in public so alcohol is not allowed.  If people are drinking openly the chances of our Party getting shut down are increased so please don’t.  If you choose to drink, do so beforehand.  If you choose to disregard our advice, please do so very discreetly, in a pop bottle or whatever.  But seriously, you will be amazed at how much fun you can have at a DDP without drinking.  We were too.  PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW WHO IS COMING!


As we said on our fundraising page, if we can raise $4000 in your city and cover our costs, whatever money we raise beyond that amount will be split 50/50 with your city’s charity of choice.  If you have a charity to recommend, please post it on the event page for your city.


Our friends from Vancouver who run www.beachtravellers.com have offered to sponsor a costume contest.
They will be running around in gorilla suits looking for the best costume- so look sharp!
We are hoping as many people as possible will join us and participate in the Red+White Canadian / Sports theme.
Don’t be left out.


Bring mini trampolines, helium balloons, beach balls, any Party Props that are fun and safe.

Tom and Gary

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