Winnipeg DDP A Grand Success

The 11th Ever Decentralized Dance Party was a Grand Success as over 1000 Party enthusiasts danced non-stop into the wee hours of the night!  We had way too much fun, and it was a ridiculous turnout for a Monday night!

We have posted the pictures on the website. And on Facebook

Highlights included: Amphitheater conga line, Skatepark limbo, Bridge takeover, Scotiabank singalong and Meatloaf fireworks.

We only lost about 5 or 6 boomboxes this time- a new record! Thanks for being so awesome Winnipeg. And thanks to the police for being so accommodating. We will definitely be back on the next tour.

We didn’t quite reach our projected donation goal to break even on the Party, so if you had the time of your life and want to help us out, you can still donate at our INDIEGOGO page. And you can only get this Rank DDP T-Shirt when you donate online. You can donate to us through paypal as well.  Just go to the link in the sidebar on the right. Let the world know you were there. They look like this and will have the tour dates on the back.

We will ship them out when we get back to Vancouver after Party Safari.

See you soon,

Tom and Gary

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  1. NeverMiss photo|design says:

    The most amazing experience of my life please oh please return!

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