Halloween Was Bananas!

We survived Party Safari.  To celebrate, we assembled a 70-strong Banana Army and ran amuck for several hours, then teamed up with another 500 food cohorts at the Vancouver Art Gallery and embarked on a Party Marathon that lasted 10 straight hours.  Not even the relentless Vancouver rain could stop us from Partying hard till the sun came up!

The photos are up on our site HERE.

And on FBook HERE.

Highlights include: going bananas on the skytrain, going bananas in waterfront station, going bananas in the Bananadome, the Forbidden Banana Dance at the VAG, Skate Rink Dance Party, Skate Rink Food Fight and Brodie’s Escalator.

Huge thanks to everybody that came out in Banana Gear, Food Costumery, and anyone else who had an awesome time!


This will be the last DDP for some time. Tom and Gary have exhausted their bodies, brains, wallets, boombox fleet, batteries, health and sanity. We will be hibernating for awhile, rebuilding for our 2011 North American Party Safari / Round-The-World Global Party Pandemic.

In The Meantime

– You can keep abreast on our FACEBOOK PAGE, where we will post exciting and earthshaking updates and videos often.

–  Prepare your own boombox for the next DDP! See this link to learn how to prepare it.

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We will see you all in the Future.


Tom and Gary

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