We Are Done With The Refresh Contest.

Dear Friends:

We currently sit in 7th position in the Pepsi Refresh Contest and 10 days remain until the contest wraps.  Although we’ve received incredible support from across the country and over 1000 people have signed up to receive our “daily vote reminder” emails, we continue to drop in the rankings.

Major flaws in the voting system have led to other people taking advantage of it: cross-voting, multiple accounts with the same IP address, etc. which has been very frustrating to deal with.  Competing honestly has not worked out as we’d hoped (all details here).

At this point, winning is pretty much an impossibility, and we don’t want to hound you any longer with messages to vote. We have decided to refocus our energies and pursue alternate funding strategies for Party Safari 2011…

Sorry it has come to this- we did our best, and we know you did too.
The level of positive support we’ve received from across the country has been truly overwhelming.  We love you guys and promise we will continue doing everything in our power to make the Strictly Business Tour and Global Party Pandemic a reality.

Rest assured, NOTHING will stop the Party Revolution!

Tom and Gary

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  2. David Vardy says:

    Tom and Gary you guys are the greatest. I hope to party with the likes of you again this summer. Don’t let this voting scandal affect you negatively. Look towards the party-future. “If you build it they will come.” Wayne’s World

    Dave from the USA

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