The Wait Is Nearly Over.

Gary’s apartment is full to the brim with boomboxes, banana suits and beans.


Almost 350 boomboxes are ready to rock and roll. Once we get to 500 we will be equipped for Party Safari 2011- the Strictly Business Tour. All dates and details will be announced right here on Monday night!

In the meantime, start hitting up yard sales and Ebay to get your very own badass boombox to tune in to the Party Broadcast- it’s the only way to guarantee you will get one and the Party always needs MORE VOLUME.

We’re also planning to take the DDP to Burning Man and are on a mission for tickets (they just sold out) so please get in touch if you have any to sell or want to join us there for the first ever DDP in a desert. It’s going to be a very good time.

Party Hearty.

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3 Responses to The Wait Is Nearly Over.

  1. Vic says:

    Sooo… it’s monday night…. details?

  2. Vuc says:

    awhhh… okaiii 🙂

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