While trying to change our Facebook page name from “Tom and Gary’s Dynamic Dance Party Delivery Service” to “Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party”, Facebook outright deleted the old one, and all the Party Safari 2011 events and information for both Canada and the USA along with it. Now we are just sitting here, emailing back and forth with them and waiting to see if they will fix it. If you know anyone on the inside, please let them know that this blunder is going to ruin our fundraising efforts and cancel the tour and make thousands of people very sad if it’s not fixed asap. Thanks.

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7 Responses to BIG PROBLEM.

  1. Kyle MacDonald says:

    I just created a reddit to help in the search for a Facebook employee hero who can help with this:

  2. Donny says:

    Would it be at all possible to maybe postpone the rest of the tour so that you guys can have time to get the whole facebook thing sorted out.

  3. Logan DesRoches says:

    is there anything we can do city by city to make this happen as planned? charlottetown is Pumped Up for DDP, how can we make this go down?

  4. Helen says:

    You should consider something besides Facebook. Now your Events pages are not available as of this morning when I checked. Just a blank screen comes up. I googled “Decentralized Dance Party Events” and clicked on the Saskatoon and Calgary pages that came up, and Facebook said “Sorry, we’re working on this problem”. They’ve caused you a lot of grief.

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