It’s Time To Share The Decentralized Sound System With The World.

Gary recently shared the Decentralized Sound System (DSS) with Occupy Vancouver:

The DSS is extremely resilient and extremely effective and 20 boomboxes can easily transmit music or voice to a crowd of 500. It is infinitely scalable, completely portable and can also be rigged to broadcast silently through headphones when noise regulations are an issue. All of the equipment is compact, inexpensive and readily available. And it can communicate twice as fast as the human microphone. For these reasons, it is believed that Decentralized Sound Systems would be a great asset to the Occupy movement.

And so this video was created. And so it is hoped that you will share it with anyone related to the Occupy movement and/or anyone who could use a DSS to better communicate/have more fun.

Get in touch HERE if you’d like more info on how to create your own DSS or discuss the topics covered in the video above. A PDF of The Future Will Not Be Centralized is available HERE.

Gary is also currently working very hard to get all the content back up on the brand new Decentralized Community website. For the moment it is unfortunately unimpressive…

In the near future, we’ll be releasing a step-by-step guide detailing how to create your own rock solid DSS and use it to throw life-changing Parties and/or aid world-changing social movements.

We’ve also just released the full Party Safari 2011 video, which is a great demonstration of the DSS’s ability to create good times for thousands of people:

We’ve also released an Indiegogo fundraising page so we can hopefully throw Saskatoon the Halloween Party they were promised. Due to unfortunate time constraints, it can’t be held until November 5th. But that is Gary’s birthday, so it’s all good, right?

ALSO! The American Party Safari is still definitely going ahead. All info HERE.

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