Chicago DDP Drops Tonight- EVERYONE IS INVITED!

We arrived in Chicago yesterday and were surprised to learn that a NATO summit is taking place, the city is on lockdown, massive protests are expected, etc.

People were concerned that we’d get shut down or things might turn sour. But we coordinate with the police in every city we visit and have coordinated with the CPD and it’s all good, so and have no worries and come on down!

Everyone’s favorite feature of the Decentralized Dance Party is that it’s 100% inclusive and has no political agenda. Our only message is “Let’s get together and have fun together in our public spaces.”

As such, we are extending an invitation to all NATO attendees, police, secret service members, protesters, and any other Chicagonians who want to join us for an evening of good, clean fun. For one night, let’s set aside our differences and come together to sing and dance and have a very good time. It can be done.

The Facebook event Page is HERE and the Twitter hashtag for the night is #DDP

We’re meeting at the intersection of 9th Street and S. Michigan Ave. at 8:00 SHARP!
Don’t forget your suit and tie!

Tom and Gary and the Elite Banana Task Force

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2 Responses to Chicago DDP Drops Tonight- EVERYONE IS INVITED!

  1. Marley says:

    I met you at the horse, but it was unclear where the party ended.

  2. Jane Christensen says:

    Thanx for spreading the love! When will u b bk in Chgo?

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