“Another Night, Another Dream”

Another Night, Another Dream

It is easily our favorite phrase, and the title of a documentary film that will soon reveal
The Astonishing True Story Of The Decentralized Dance Party.


Kickstarter Screengrab

It will be created from the 600+ hours of footage we’ve filmed over the past three years.

273 videotapes. The rest was filmed straight to digital.

And it will be a sequel to the 10.5 hour-long Rock Odyssey known only as Earth Tour.
(which is available only HERE as a torrent-by-donation)

That film took several years to complete, and began as only 130 hours of footage.

How long this thing will be, and what percentage of our lifetimes will be sacrificed to complete it are pretty unsettling questions. And ones currently without answer.

But one of the fundamental teachings of Earth Tour is that one must Never Be Daunted. And so we’ve resolved not to be.

And so!
We are gonna hunker down and bring this thing to life, so that the rest of the world may also share in this grand adventure and be accordingly inspired to help us to bring about The Global Party Pandemic and fully realize The Party Revolution!

UPDATE! (January 22):  Due to a horrible bout of pneumonia the Kickstarter for Another Night Another Dream is not yet live 🙁

But we are gonna be working nonstop to launch it, so please check back soon for all the details (or better yet, join the DDP Mailing List).

UPDATE #2! (January 27): The ANAD Page is live, and the Kickstarter will be released in a couple of weeks (once it is perfect). Stay tuned, and don’t miss the also-just-released Global Party Pandemic page 🙂


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