With six hours to spare, we’ve reached our goal and the Global Party Pandemic Of 2014 is FUNDED!

MASSIVE thanks to all the 511 people who donated, the 5,000+ who shared, and everyone who’s been helping out behind the scenes for all these years!

Tom and Gary fireworks

In these remaining six hours, we’ve decided to add a new “Stretch Goal” of $30,000

Basically, $25,000 is the Bare Minimum that will be required to create the film and website, and any amount we raise above and beyond our goal will enable us to make the website and the film Better and Better and greatly increase the odds of the DDP successfully Saving The World.

And a portion will be directed towards the development of our Social Stereo (A revolutionary new Open-Source Boombox that is a key component of The Party Revolution and will surely alter the course of history).

And if we DO reach our $30,000 Stretch Goal, we promise to assemble and post “Tom and Gary’s Top 150 Party Tracks” (the list and a Youtube playlist also) and all of you will be remotely enabled to have The Best Time Ever, whenever you please.

Surely The Single Greatest Compendium of Party Tracks Every Assembled, you need this in your life.

And so we ask that you please keep on sharing.. and you can still easily raise your pledge if you’re feeling inspired 😉 (a bunch of people have asked if this is possible).

And don’t forget to tune in for our piece on “Nightline” tonight:
“An incisive late-night news series that analyzes the day’s top stories with interviews and reports.”

When Partying is recognized as a Top International News Story, Anything Is Possible.

Kickstarter Boombox Pic

Unconditional Love,
Tom and Gary and The Elite Banana Task Force

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