With the generous support of 533 beautiful backers, our Kickstarter goal was reached and the Global Party Pandemic Of 2014 will soon come to pass.

Our website was down for most of the final week, we received almost zero press coverage from the hundreds of media outlets we contacted, and a million other ridiculous problems bedeviled our campaign for every single one of those 35 crazy days.

We even lost two full weeks when we extended our credit and drove 10,000 kms from Vancouver to Texas and back in order to promote the Kickstarter via another SXSW DDP and get featured on Nightline.. assuming we made it there, and assuming we even made it over the border with a van crammed full of the weirdest cargo possible…

Boombox Van SXSW 2013

We gambled everything we didn’t have, went for it as hard as we could, and with the tireless support of our beloved friends and supporters, made yet another chapter of this crazy dream reality.

Thanks so much to everyone involved. We are won’t let you down.

Here’s the Nightline piece, released on the same night we reached our Kickstarter goal. Never before has the DDP been so masterfully portrayed. Thanks Meredith 😉

And here’s a weird update video from Gary, part of a recent joke update that seemed to infuriate and/or confuse almost everyone.. oops.

We must also say a final Huge Thanks to Evan White for the PR assistance, and to Ian Mackenzie, who served as our crowdfunding strategist- hire his services and check out his other fine work HERE.

Aaaaand to Boomcase and Jammypack for the most excellent backer rewards:

Boomcase Factory

More updates soon to come!
Kickstarter rewards shipping soon!

Love Everlasting,
Tom and Gary and The Elite Banana Task Force

Bananas Rushmore High Res

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