The Party Revolution Is Five Years Old.

On this day five years ago, Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party was loosed upon an unsuspecting planet:

The five years since has been an unrelenting avalanche of adventure, absurdity, and consistently positive vibes, as recounted in this just-released Pecha Kucha presentation:

Big thanks to all the beautiful friends who’ve believed in and supported this crazy thing for so many years. Rest assured, we remain charged and ready to guide The Party Revolution all the way through to its rightful and glorious Transnistrian conclusion!

More information on our Party Manifesto, Feature Film(s), Open-Source Ethos, Social Stereo and 2014 BURNING MAN RETURN are available by simply left-clicking.

The Official Field Manual is developing apace and now exceeds 200 pages, half of which are rooted in timeless Party Philosophy. This sure-to-be-trending tome will surely alter the course of history and inspire a new generation of Party Revolutionaries into the streets.

Field Manual

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