The Final Rough Draft Of The DDP Field Manual Is Complete!

After many months of toil, the final rough draft has finally been finalized!

It was just sent out for review to a large number of Esteemed Reviewers and once their feedback has been implemented and the accompanying photos have been selected, it will finally be ready for printing and sharing with the world.


The Field Manual is 50% Top-Secret Technical Information and 50% Foundational Open-Source Party Philosophy and is intended to inspire the creation of hundreds of Autonomous DDP Party Cells around the globe. To learn more about the movement and/or how to initiate your own Autonomous Party Cell, click the pic below!

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4 Responses to The Final Rough Draft Of The DDP Field Manual Is Complete!

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  2. Bjorn Schey says:

    Is the field manual available for purchase and/or download?

  3. chaturbate says:

    Either release it already or I will take over and and bake my own thing, I will hard fork the DDP.

    You’ve been warned Gary.

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