The First-Ever DDP Summit- ALL THE DETAILS!

We’re hosting a Party Summit in Vancouver on the weekend of August 19-21 to celebrate the DDP’s 7-year anniversary. For the first time ever, we’ll be teaming up with a local radio station to rebroadcast our signal and unleashing our brand-new Party app: “The Tinder Of Partying”. It will instantly connect all Partiers to create a giant city-wide DDP!



The Summit will also be an international “Meeting Of The Decentralized Minds” that will lay the groundwork for the future of The Party Revolution!


We’re still finalizing the itinerary. Sign up to The DDP Mailing List and the Facebook event pages below to get all the detailsssssssss.


If you’d like to help sustain the Party Revolution, our (soon-to-be-revised) Patreon campaign page is the place to do so!


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