The First-Ever DDP Summit Was A Success!

Another massive thanks to all the beautiful individuals who came together to create
The First-Ever DDP Summit and pull off what was certainly a Party Mission Impossible.


Against All Odds, and with almost zero lead time, we somehow slammed together one of the greatest DDPs to date, in cahoots with a radical radio partner who rebroadcast our Party out for hundreds of miles across the entire Lower Mainland!

A bit of the story behind it all is recounted in the video above and the photo+video below, but if you want to go deep, check out the full Facebook album HERE.

Photo by Davis Chu -


Photo by Davis Chu -

Photo by Davis Chu -

Photo by Davis Chu -

Anyone with the freshly-debuted DDP App could either tune in to CFRO Community Radio and link up to create their own independent DDPs or track down The Main DDP.

DDP App (compressed)

Rocky and Lynden, holding it DOWN all night long at CFRO!


Creating a city-wide DDP is an experiment we’ve been wanting to pull off for years and it went incredibly well. One step closer to our Simultaneous Global Dance Party!


Beyond that, there was a Full-Throttle Roman Candle Battle:

Slip n Slide Directly Into The Dirt Pandemonium:

_dsc5561 _dsc5579 _dsc5581


Third Beach Night Moves:




A Vancouver Mural Fest Panel On The Social Good Of Partying

And last but definitely not least, An Impromptu Action On The Summit Of Mt. Seymour where everything came to a head in a memorable / moving Monument To The Absurd hahahaahhahahahaha

_dsc5725 _dsc5732 _dsc5737



_dsc5747 _dsc5749

_dsc5771 _dsc5775


It was a long-overdue victory and it’s been quite awhile since the Unlikely Magic elevated this thing beyond the realm of All Earthly Possibility. With faith in the universe and fire in our hearts, we’re now laying plans for the final stage of The Party Revolution!


Allll the details are rapidly forthcoming. A few can be found on our (soon-to-be-massively-updated) Patreon Campaign Page. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of The Party Revolution. We’re all in this together, and together we can succeed!

Love Everlasting,
Tom and Gary and the Elite DDP Party Family

A Halloween DDP is dropping soon in Vancouver- click the banana man below for all the details!


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