CAMP DΞCENTRAL At Burning Man Was A Success!

Just arrived back from #BurningMan, and a week that was truly historic and inspiring. Together, 49 of planet earth’s most brilliant and driven individuals created Camp Decentral and ran a speaker’s series called Dialogues On Decentralization“.

The turnout and response was tremendous, and even before our talks, nearly everyone we met was already turned on to #Blockchain tech and the Greater #Decentralization Revolution…

This is definitely “an idea whose time has come” and the numberless friendships and alliances formed in that dusty vortex of creation and intention will certainly increase our capability to successfully wage this revolution immeasurably!

A “Battle Plan For World Peace” is rapidly taking form, and in the coming months, we’ll be laying the groundwork for a Global Movement that is Truly Unstoppable.

We’ve also been collecting emails for our “Decentralizing The World” mailing list. Please send yours to: info <at> CampDecentral (dot) com if you’d like to be a part of this bold and beautiful new Acceptance Movement, get alerted when the Speaker’s Series videos are released, etc!

Big thanks again to everyone who lent their time and talents to make it all possible.


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