Help unlock Decentralized DogeParty and DogeCon 2018!

Dear friends!

We just entered a #Dogecoin video contest with MILLIONS of DOGE to be had and if we emerge victorious, have pledged to host another #Decentralized DogeParty here in Vancouver!

And that’s not all!

We’ll host a full-on #DogeCon Convention as well!

Hoping to fly in the Dogecoin devs and rent out Vancouver’s now-defunct revolving restaurant for such purposes.. anyone local have a connection / know how to get that place???

Failing that, we need to get our hands on a launchpad / rocket facility.
Dead serious. The moon will be ours!

It all hinges on likes, comments and media attention for the video below:

Please like, share, report on it ASAP 🙂


Sadly, the channel showcasing all contest videos was deleted due to copyright laws enacted at the behest of Centralized media corporations… but you can still enjoy our video below:

And check out the other videos in the contest as well. Such communittee!

Some links to our past Dogecoin exploits:

Decentralized DogeParty 2014!
Camp Dogecoin at Burning Man! (preliminary details)
Camp Dogecoin at Burning Man (aftermath)

Tom and Gary

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