Social Dis-Dance Roaming Global Disco Party!

Are you ready to help us create the most innovative Party the world has ever witnessed?
A HYBRID CELEBRATION that takes place simultaneously both online AND off…


Thousands of people across Canada will connect to our LIVE and interactive Zoom Party Video Broadcast using portable speakers that project the Party BACK into public spaces.

This allows us to expand the Party exponentially!

Here’s a LIVE demonstration:

The Facebook event page is HERE

And the press release with more information is HERE

There are two ways to join! Either virtually or terrestrially:


If you’d like to join virtually, it’s very simple- just go to the Eventbrite page to reserve your free online ticket (virtual Party access link) while supplies last:

The Party starts at 6:00 PM PDT SHARP! (see promo poster above for international times)

Be sure to imbibe our Virtual Party Strategy Guide before joining to maximize your Party experience!


We’re not sure how many people will be sharing the Party back into the streets across the globe, but we will definitely have at least two Vancouver teams representing!

One team will feature Gary’s unofficial son Jacques of VYVE, who will be starting at Science World at 8:00 PM on BICYCLES.

The second team will be on foot and they will be meeting at the Art Gallery at 6:30. Meet between the big lion statues.

Both teams will be ensuring that social distancing protocol is followed and have gloves and hand sanitizer for anyone in need. They will also have very loud Soundboks speakers, so no need to be close to enjoy the music 🙂

Click HERE to learn more about becoming a Party Node and HERE to see the ridiculous amount of work required to Wage Peace in the streets!


We now have a DDP Party Beacon app, so that you can easily track down the Parties above OR host your own and let the Party People find YOU!

Click HERE to directly access the web app– no downloads required!
(be sure to enable your GPS “location services” on iPhone and specifically enable access for your web browser in your privacy settings or it won’t work)


Here’s a video showing exactly how it works 🙂

By blending Virtual and Terrestrial realms, it’s now possible for MILLIONS of people to simultaneously #WagePeace. To create synchronized global celebrations more powerful and moving than anything seen before!

As a wise man once said:
“Those who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war”

Friends, we have finally cracked the code!

And This Great Discussion About Turning The World Into a Dance Floor With Some World-Renowned Friends Of The DDP:

A Recent VDDP:

A Rad Nightline Feature:

Our Origin Story / Ultimate Vision!

(The Party was originally promoted to be held on Canada Day, but due to cultural considerations and the DDP’s ethos of radical inclusion, it was shifted to Saturday July 4th. Full details of this decision can be found HERE.)

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