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“Decentralization” is the wave of the future and you can help speed its arrival by donating to the DDP using the uniquely Decentralized currencies that are Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum.

Backstory >>>>>

Gary has been a tireless advocate of Open-Source culture and Decentralization ever since his creation of the Decentralized Community initiative in 2008:

Then in 2009 came the Decentralized Dance Party:

And in 2011, he attempted to convince Occupy Wall Street (a Decentralized protest movement) to adopt Decentralization as their mandate (Bitcoin referenced at 8:20):

And again in September 2012, with the creation of The #BYPASS Movement (Bitcoin is specifically referenced at 8:08):

Most recently (in January 2014), he released Privacy Is The Enemy, a “Grand Decentralization Theory” that examines the fundamental nature of the Decentralization revolution and proposes how it could potentially give rise to a completely Free and Open society.

Gary’s personal blog clarifies the details and motivations behind its creation.

Unsurprisingly, Gary likes to say that: “The Decentralized Dance Party is as much about Partying as it is Decentralization“.

This is why the DDP has always been Crowdfunded (funded by a Decentralized group of individuals) to the greatest degree possible. The choice is ideologically-driven.

And although crowdfunding the Party Revolution has not been lucrative, it has allowed us to retain full creative control and continue to evolve with awesomeness and integrity.

And we are hoping that the supporters of BTC and DOGE, many of whom are similarly inspired by a bold and beautiful vision of a Free and Decentralized future, will be down to support our quest to promote Partying and Decentralization on a global scale:

Our Bitcoin and Dogecoin donation addresses are below. If you believe in what we are doing, your support would be greatly appreciated, and put to very good use!

Powerglove BTC Donation QR (crop)





Obviously, we are not Decentralized currency speculators or bandwagon jumpers. This is a technology and an ideology that we have wholeheartedly believed in for many years and want to do everything possible to support.

Accordingly, we’ve resolved that the entire Global Party Pandemic must be funded by Decentralized currencies alone; serving as a monumentally ambitious new exemplar of future possibility that will spread Decentralization and Open-Source culture worldwide!

But in order to fully realize this, we must break from all traditional crowdfunding paradigms and take our financing model to it’s fully Decentralized conclusion…

War Bonds

Back in the day, governments used to sell “war bonds” in order to finance their various wars. Bearers would be repaid with interest after the war was (hopefully) won.

But instead of raising money to fight wars, we’ll do the opposite, selling $1,000,000 worth of “Peace Bonds” that will enable us to complete The Global Party Pandemic AKA The Grand Unification Tour and unite the entire world in a Simultaneous Global Dance Party.

These Peace Bonds will be denominated exclusively in Decentralized currencies and repaid doubly once we’ve successfully been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, twice in a row.

Party Doge update copy

The entire plan is detailed HERE, and was recently discussed in the videos below:

Military Tech PicWe are absolutely serious and will not rest until The Party Revolution has reached its glorious conclusion. Your support will help make this crazy dream reality. Thanks!


In Case You Missed Them:

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Keep abreast of all the developments via our Decentralized mailing list.


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