Party Safari 2015: European Edition!

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We were recently contacted by a secret European production company who offered to fly us all to London and set us up with A Full Fleet Of Boomboxes (batteries included) in order to throw a DDP for a documentary that they wanted to create with us.

Kerry Boomboxes

Upon accepting their offer, it was resolved that we should seize the opportunity to throw a full-throttle European tour and film the entire adventure; using the resultant footage to craft the narrative backbone of own our now-two-years-in-production documentary film “Another Night, Another Dream”

And so!

We’ve slammed together the funnest, funniest, most documentary-worthy Party Safari that could be successfully pulled off in 16 days (the longest span that most of the DDP family could escape from life responsibilities on such short notice).

Europe Map Fixed Dates

Click Below For Facebook Event Pages:
LONDON- Sept. 17
PARIS- Sept. 19
BERLIN- Sept. 23
TURIN- Sept. 25
VENICE- Sept. 26
ATHENS- Oct. 2
(and please invite everyone you know!)

London, Paris and Berlin were obvious choices, as they’ve always been our strongest overseas supporters, but we really wanted to go somewhere special for the documentary and Athens was at the top of our list, given the political unrest and financial turbulence that has adversely affected the lives of so many Greek citizens in recent times.

Crying Greek Man (587)

Greece bank sign

We really want to use the power of the DDP to boost spirits and unite as many people as possible in laughter and celebration, whether they are politicians, bankers, police, military, anarchists, or ordinary citizens. All are welcome.

Toronto Diversity

Our dream is to deliver something truly special to Europe; an unforgettable series of Capital-P-Party experiences that promote Expression, Connection and Liberation on a massive scale.

0-Sask1hr fountain youth

But since our Open-Source Party model prevents us from selling tickets or alcohol or engaging in corporate branding of our Parties, we are once again requesting the Party-going public’s support.

We’ve just launched a crowdfunding campaign that we hope will be successfully funded. If we don’t reach our fundraising goal, we will be in big trouble financially and The Party Revolution will be much less likely to succeed 🙁

Click the pic below to visit the campaign page and learn more about the tour! Screengrab For Website
Please spread the word and share the campaign page far and wide to ensure the funding goes through!


– Invite all your friends to the Facebook events and share this crowdfunder far and wide.

– We’re hoping to find high-quality people to stay with in London, Paris, Berlin, Venice and Athens. If you are respectful and radical and realize that WE NEED TO SLEEP, NOT PARTY ALL NIGHT and can hook up a decent space for several people or more, please email ASAP.

– We’re also on the hunt for European cellphones. Any local Euro phones or unlocked international phones will do, but ideally, we’re hoping for some good Androids or iPhone 4/5/6  to take advantage of their video-shooting capabilities 🙂

– We will only have 150 boomboxes to start with, which is much fewer than we’ve brought on all past Party Safaris. Accordingly, we are hoping for boombox donations along the way. Here’s how to locate and prepare them or even Build Your Own.

– We’re pretty sure that Rayovac will be sponsoring us once again, but it’s not yet confirmed and there’s a chance we may be hoping for battery donations as well please 🙂

– We’ve got a 9-seater van, but more than 9 people to move around. If you have access to a safe and reliable vehicle and are able to help us move about, either within the cities above, or move people / batteries / boomboxes / ridiculous Party props between the cities listed above, it would be greatly appreciated!

– We’re recruiting 10 Elite Partiers to round out our Elite Banana Task Force in each city. All 10 will be equipped with banana suits in order to help us prepare the boomboxes, facilitate the madness and other Elite Party Tasks. Want in? Send us a non-traditional resume ASAP!

– We’re seeking media coverage for this thing. Drop us a line if you’d like to feature Party Safari 2015 in print / radio / television / online and feel free to share with any media outlets who might be interested!

– Invite a large number of righteous individuals to the Facebook event pages.

– Please email us right now if you’d like to help out with anything above or otherwise involve yourself in Party Safari 2015!

And sign up to our Mailing List, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+ and Instagram to ensure you don’t miss out on any crucial Party info / hilarity.

DSC_0374 2 (could split us apart and have each of us on side of posted holding boombox in)


Our unanticipated European excursion means that Camp DDP At Burning Man 2015 unfortunately had to be cancelled (although we’ve found replacement hosts for the daily “Dialogues On Decentralization” and they will still be going down every day at 4:30)


And due to the extreme number of hours that have been required to make this tour happen, we also haven’t yet been able to complete The Official DDP Field Manual


The DDP Field Manual is 50% Top-Secret Technical Information and 50% Foundational Open-Source Party Philosophy; an exhaustive and authoritative strategy guide containing everything required to successfully create your own DDPs (or use your Decentralized Sound System for other purposes).

In releasing it and Open-Sourcing the Party Revolution, we hope to inspire the creation of hundreds of Autonomous DDP Party Cells around the globe. To learn more about the movement and how to initiate your own Autonomous Party Cell, click the pic below:

Kickstarter Boombox PicAlthough the Field Manual won’t be complete in time for the European Tour, we’re hoping to have Ten Very Special Beta Copies available on magical banana USB keys that we’ll be bestowing upon deserved individuals along the way…

banana usb keyIf you’re interested in organizing your own Autonomous DDP Party Cell, and feel you are deserving of a magical banana, track us down at the Party and explain why or email now in advance 🙂

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