Past Press Coverage

(Some past DDP features/featurettes- more soon to come!)


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April 2013 Ask Me Anything (Reddit)

Gary Lachance Interview (Creative Social Blog)

150 Boomboxes And The Best Dance Party You’ve Never Been To (WIRED Magazine)

Decentralized Dance Parties: Raves’ Next Wave (The Daily Beast)

The Decentralization Of Partying (Maclean’s)

Boom-Box-Powered Dance Party Takes To The Streets at SXSW (WIRED Online)

Boomboxes, Anarchy And The Commons  (Michael MacDonald) (CONTEXT)

Decentralized Dance Party And Anarchist Education (Michael MacDonald)

DDP Audio Documentary: Managing our public space with a Party (Michael MacDonald)

Yes, You Can Party For A Living


CBC Homestretch (Calgary 2012)

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