Decentralization is the wave of the future and you can help speed its arrival by donating to the DDP using the uniquely Decentralized currency that is Bitcoin.

But we are not Bitcoin speculators. We are reaching out to the Bitcoin community as an experiment.. to see if it might be possible to take the DDP worldwide using only Bitcoins!

Backstory >>>>>

Gary has been a tireless advocate of Open-Source Culture and Decentralization ever since his creation of the Decentralized Community initiative in 2008.

Then in 2009 came the Decentralized Dance Party:

And in 20011, he attempted to convince Occupy Wall Street (a Decentralized protest movement) to adopt Decentralization as their mandate, by giving This Speech (Bitcoin is specifically referenced at 8:20).

And again in September 2012, with the creation of The #BYPASS Movement (Bitcoin is specifically referenced at 8:08):

Gary likes to say that: “The Decentralized Dance Party is as much about Partying as it is Decentralization“. This is why the DDP has been 100% Crowdfunded (funded by a Decentralized group of individuals) from day one. The choice is ideologically-driven.

And although crowdfunding the Party Revolution has not been lucrative, it has allowed us to retain full creative control and continue to evolve with awesomeness and integrity.

And we are hoping that the early adopters of Bitcoin, many of whom are similarly inspired by this bold and beautiful vision of a Free and Decentralized Future, will be down to support our quest to promote Partying and Decentralization on a global scale:

Here’s our Bitcoin address. If you believe in what we are doing, your support would be greatly appreciated, and put to very good use.


Powerglove BTC Donation QR (crop)


Again, we are not Bitcoin speculators. We are reaching out to the Bitcoin community as an experiment.. to see if it might be possible to take the DDP worldwide and pull off the entire Global Party Pandemic on Bitcoins alone!

We’re crazy enough to go for it.. but we’ll need some serious support from the BTC community to know if it could ever be possible…


And so!
If you guys are willing to contribute enough BTC to help us reach our Kickstarter goal in the next 48 hours, our pledge to you is this:

-We will do our best to pull off the entire Global Party Pandemic on Bitcoins alone and serve as a crazy new exemplar of future possibility that will spread Decentralization and Open-Source Culture everywhere possible around the world.

WE WILL KEEP AT LEAST HALF OF ALL BTC DONATIONS WE EVER RECEIVE IN THE BTC ECONOMY, and do our best to make ALL purchases at BTC-enabled merchants.

-And we will endeavor to employ BTC-enabled crowdfunding platforms.

We believe in this thing as much as you guys do. Maybe more.


For the uninitiated: Bitcoin is a beautifully Decentralized currency; elegant in its simplicity, staggering in its potential.

Gary believes that Decentralized currencies represent The Greatest Revolutionary Force In All Human History, especially when paired with The Party Revolution.

We are just $8,443 away from our goal and only need to raise 35.9BTC in the next 48 hours to reach our goal.

Live BTC status updates will be posted on our Twitter!

Thanks for your support!!! (please email to alert us once BTC are sent)

We reached our goal (without the use of any BTC) and will soon post updates on our plans for the Global Party Pandemic (which will surely involve as many Bitcoins as possible).
Keep abreast via The DDP Mailing List.

Kickstarter for BTC page

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