Party Safari 2010


The prevailing rumors have materialized, and shortly following our Vancouver/Vancouver Island Kickoff Party, we will lead a Coast-2-Coast DDP Party Safari across Canada!!!

To be honest, when we posted the above teaser and 12-city tour schedule for this thing two weeks ago, we knew it was a ridiculously long shot. We had no resources, no vehicle and no money. We were just hoping something might materialize.

It was the Ghostbusters Mindset:

We figured that realistically we’d have to save up all Winter and do the Party Safari in the Spring (and adjust the tour dates and Facebook invites accordingly).

We received an immediate+overwhelming response from across the country, with thousands of excited+enthusiastic people signing up, tons of media enquiries and offers from people everywhere to help us out.

And then we discovered, which would hopefully be the key to securing the financing we needed.

So, we said: Let’s Do It Right Now.

We have 200 boomboxes and a few crazy friends who are willing to come with us on this Adventure. In true DDP style, it’s going to be an insane last-minute scramble that may result in physical+financial ruin and who knows what else!

We’ve had to push things back by a couple of weeks and scale the tour back to just seven stops Coast-To-Coast (the cities who’ve shown us the most love so far):
Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Fredericton and Vancouver.

But that’s ok. It’s still going to be AWESOME!

And if we survive, in Spring 2011 we will do the Full 12-City Party Safari, and probably hit Yellowknife and Whitehorse too!

But only with your help can we succeed.

These six links lead to our fund-raising page in the corresponding city:

Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Toronto, Fredericton, Regina, Calgary

We need to raise $4000 in each city in the next 2 weeks in order to fund our tour. If you can, please help us out!

Please also use the Facebook Event links below to invite your friends to the Party in their corresponding cities.

And email us directly using the “Contact” tab if you want to help organize your city’s DDP.

If we succeed, Canada will be forever known as the Party Capital Of The Planet Earth.
And we will all have a very good time!
UPDATE: We did!


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