Camp DDP at Burning Man 2015!


We got a last-minute opportunity to Party Safari across Europe and unfortunately can’t make it to Burning Man this year. (click the pic for info)


Some highly-qualified friends have volunteered to host the daily “Dialogues On Decentralization” talks and they will be proceeding as planned 🙂

Original Camp DDP Text Follows Below >>>>>>>>>>>>

To celebrate the release of The Official DDP Field Manual, Tom and Gary and The Elite DDP Party Family are creating a very special DDP “theme camp” at Burning Man 2015!



From Sunday August 30th to Monday September 7th, we will be Living It up and Advancing Plans For A Full-Scale Global Party Revolution.

There are about 30 spaces (for 30 people, not 30 groups of people) still available and anyone wanting to connect with us and learn how to create their very own Autonomous DDP Party Cell is invited to join us for a very special week together in the dust.


To join Camp DDP, email ASAP (using the subject header “CAMP DDP”). Please send a short bio stating who you are, why you’re interested, what you’d like to contribute (mentally, physically or infrastructurally), and what sort of vehicle(s) you plan to arrive in (so we can organize parking).

If there’s still space, we will let you know. And if not, Camp DDP is of course Radically Inclusive and you’re welcome to come by and hang out whenever you please.

At this point, Camp DDP is pretty basic and participants are responsible for providing most of their own infrastructure (food and shelter). But we’ll have top-notch music and a lovely communal conversation / dining area.

And the other theme camps in Anahasana Village are pretty incredible as well and will be imparting timeless wisdom and facilitating Experimental Dance Moves all week long.

But the primary infrastructure and attraction is of course the opportunity to connect with, learn from, and form lasting friendships with all the lovely DDP folk!

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Coming soon!


1. We will be hosting roundtable “Dialogues On Decentralization” every day at 4:30PM wherein The DDP and other Radically Decentralized concepts and projects can be shared, discussed and evolved in the company of new friends and collaborators.


Click the “(Facebook)” links below to get more details and/or easily invite your friends to each event. (especially those who aren’t part of Camp DDP).

Mon. Aug. 31st – Decentralized Dance Party / The Party Revolution  (Facebook)

Tues. Sept. 1st – Bitcoin For Beginners   (Facebook)

Wed. Sept. 2nd – Radical Decentralization  (Facebook)

Thurs. Sept. 3rd – Social Stereo  (Facebook)

Fri. Sept, 4th – Decentralized Dance Party / The Party Revolution (again)  (Facebook)

Sat. Sept. 5th Bitcoin For Beginners (again)  (Facebook)

For those without Facebook, the Full Event Details are listed at the bottom of this page.


We will endeavor to videotape and upload as many of these “Dialogues” as possible; allowing those who can’t make the pilgrimage to still derive Such Benefit. Join the DDP Mailing List to receive updates on this and more!


– We’re still seeking tickets for several camp-mates. Please email to let us know ASAP if you have any extras to sell!

– And we’re also in dire need of as many pairs of Off-Road Blades as possible!

coyote blades

FULL EVENT DETAILS (from Facebook event pages):

> Dialogues On Decentralization #1 – Decentralized Dance Party

Join us at Camp DDP to learn how to create your own boombox-powered Parties and help spread the Open-Source Party Movement!

The Decentralized Dance Party or “DDP” is a portable, battery-powered Party System.

It consists of thousands of Party People, carrying boomboxes, and a DJ who wears a backpack, containing an FM radio transmitter. All the boomboxes are tuned into the DJ’s master FM broadcast, resulting in a mobile, synchronized sound system.

This Open-Source dance Party roams the night, generating complete awesomeness, street by street and block by block, onto buses and subways, into public fountains and beyond. Inevitably interfacing with the public, together we create an infectious epidemic of fun. A roaming Party adventure that lasts all night long!


With the release of “The Official DDP Field Manual”, the DDP is about to become exponentially more Open and Decentralized.

The Official DDP Field Manual is a 200-page Strategy Guide that will share the technical knowledge and fundamental Party philosophy necessary to inspire the creation hundreds of Autonomous DDP Party cells across the globe and allow us to fulfill our dream to broadcast a Simultaneous Global Dance Party, unite the world in celebration, and win the Nobel Prize for Partying.

And so!

Via this discussion, we hope to connect with as many people as possible who are interested in initiating Autonomous DDP Party Cells in their own locales. If you think you might be one- join us!

We’re working nonstop to get the Field Manual finished in time for Burning Man and will have copies available there.

But in the meantime, in order to get your head around this whole crazy project and determine whether you might want to Join The Party, check out these hyperlinks:

Nightline Overview:

Pecha Kucha Overview:

Kickstarter Overview:

Website Overview:

> Dialogues On Decentralization #2 – Bitcoin For Beginners

Join us at Camp DDP to learn more about Bitcoin, Blockchain technology and the Greater Decentralization Revolution!

Here’s a good introductory video:

And a good follow-up:

It’s going to be a pretty open format, and you needn’t be an expert to participate- all are welcome to simply drop by and listen in 🙂

> Dialogues On Decentralization #3 – Radical Decentralization

Join us at Camp DDP for a frank and forthright discussion of all aspects of the Radical Decentralization Revolution!

It’s going to be a pretty open format, and you needn’t be an expert on this stuff to participate- all are welcome to simply drop by and listen in 🙂

The best place to learn more about Radical Decentralization is on:
The RD Facebook Page
And the RD Subreddit

This article is also really good:

And this video:

And there’s a bunch of information on the DDP’s “The Future Will Not Be Centralized” page:

(From the Radical Decentralization subreddit, c/o Dlight Sky)

“We are privileged to be living in the midst of the greatest transformation in the history of mankind. After muddling through the controlled and structured television era, we have each gained a planetary voice and now have undreamt-of knowledge and resources at our fingertips.

Only twenty years ago, all important media were one-way mass media: TV, radio, newspapers and magazines—giant corporations programming the masses.

All communication flowed down from the top of the pyramid; you could scream at the TV but your voice would never be heard. We were passive receivers of whatever they wanted to program us with.

In the blink of an eye, all that has changed. Information and communication have gone free. The Internet has allowed a complete rewiring of mankind. Cellphones have fully penetrated the developing world. In a few more years, virtually everyone on the planet will have the full power of the Internet in the palm of their hands.

This amounts to a massive Decentralization of power; a transitioning from hierarchical systems like governments and large corporations to individuals and small groups.

And the changes aren’t stopping with the internet and communications.

We can see other changes emerging all around us: in agriculture, energy, politics, education, and everything in between.

Few have realized the emergent revolution in Radical Empowerment now taking place. Technology is enabling us to heighten control over our lives, and it’s becoming easier every day to peacefully opt-out, or outwit present circumstances.

Never before, in the history of the world, have so many people had the ability or the means to become so empowered. This truly is an exciting time in history.

Decentralization will be the next big evolutionary leap for humanity and the revolution that will define the 21st century.”

> Dialogues On Decentralization #4 – The Social Stereo / MESH Networks

Join us at Camp DDP to learn more about the Social Stereo project- a plan to create the world’s first Open-Source, MESH-networking boomboxes!

Via this discussion, we hope to turn as many people as possible on to this revolutionary technology and connect with those who’ll help us build The Social Stereo- an Open-Source Boombox that will communicate with other boomboxes, to enable the creation of infinitely-scalable Decentralized Sound Systems!

It’s going to be a pretty open format, and you needn’t be an expert on this stuff to participate- all are welcome to simply drop by and listen in 🙂


(click the pic below to learn more about the unbridled mania that was Camp Dogecoin!


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