With just five days remaining on our Global Party Pandemic Kickstarter, we are over halfway to our goal!

If the Kickstarter is successful, it will enable us to take the Decentralized Dance Party worldwide, unite the planet in celebration, and Save The World.

The countdown is ON and with your continued support, we can definitely get there!

Tom and Gary Point

If the Kickstarter gets you Way Inspired, there’s many ways to get involved and help to ensure the success of the Party Revolution:

1. Donating to the Kickstarter >>> we just added 100 limited-edition Cat-Printed DDP Jammypacks, and there’s tons more awesome rewards to choose from as well.

Cat Jammypack

2. Sharing the Kickstarter with as many people as possible via Facebook/Twitter/Etc. along with a strategic sentence or two- e.g. “Can Partying Save The World?”

3. We’ve just released some Custom Facebook Cover Pics and Epic Promo Flyers– please post, print and share them at your campus, cafeteria or place of business/worship.

4. We’ve created a Youtube playlist that will feature 1-minute-or-less videos of Tom and Gary and The Elite Banana Task force and Anyone Else Who Wants To Be Involved, stating “What the DDP means to me” and “Why it’s a cause worth supporting”.

These will be shared with the world in order to help convince folks that Partying is indeed a cause worth fighting and dying for. Please record yours, upload to Youtube, and send us the link 🙂

5. The Party Pandemic Press Page contains all the info required to either write an article on the DDP or craft a nice email to encourage your friends/family to donate 🙂

6. Posting the pic below on Facebook /Twitter /Google+ /Etc with the caption: “CAN PARTYING SAVE THE WORLD?” and the Kickstarter shortlink:

Kerry Boomboxes


We’re about to begin accepting Bitcoin donations, so if you’re a holder and would like to pledge your support using that beautifully Decentralized currency, please email us ASAP 🙂

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