Party Safari 2011: Strictly Business USA (Part One)

Part One of Party Safari USA has now concluded and we’d like to thank all the beautiful people who got involved and helped out. The full story is HERE and all relevant tour info has been preserved below. (Part two of Party Safari USA can be found HERE)

THIS is a Decentralized Dance Party:

And this is the Strictly Business Tour.

The plan is to wear only Business Attire while leading a Crazed Party Convoy across Canada and the USA. It will be absolutely ridiculous and ridiculously fun.
We mean business.


We only Partied in the cities that raised the $1000 required to help us get there (motorhome rental, batteries, gas, etc). This money was raised via

Seattle (Dec. 26, 2011) KICKSTARTER!
Portland (Dec, 28, 2011) KICKSTARTER!  (Photos)
Los Angeles (New Year’s Eve) KICKSTARTER! (Photos)
Phoenix (Jan. 4th, 2012) KICKSTARTER! (Photos) (Video)
Austin (Jan. 7th, 2012) KICKSTARTER! (Photos)
Houston (Jan 14th, 2012) KICKSTARTER! (Video)
NEW YORK CITY  (Jan 21st, 2012) INDIEGOGO! (Video)
San Francisco (Jan. 25th, 2012) KICKSTARTER!
Return To Portland (January 28, 2012) KICKSTARTER!

Click here for Official Press Release



Please get in touch if you’d like to sponsor Party Safari USA. Over 30,000 have already signed up to the events above with zero promotion. We are discussing TV deals. Huge visibility. A 100% positive undertaking. The kids love us. We have great hair. Etc, etc. etc. Contact is HERE.

We need as many people as possible to show up with THEIR OWN BOOMBOXES in order to pull this off. Keep searching for them at garage sales and thrift stores. There are hundreds of sick ones on Ebay for cheap also. Selection+Preparation info HERE.

We’ll also be recruiting Ten Elite Partiers in each city to round out our Elite Banana Task Force. All ten will be equipped with banana suits in order to help us prepare the boomboxes, facilitate the madness and other Elite Party Tasks. Want in? Email us, specifying why you deserve to be chosen.

We also want this to become a Crazed Party Convoy, so let us know if you want to drive alongside us for any portion of the drive.

Get yourself a suit / sexy secretary getup ASAP. Dress code is Strictly Business!

Check out the Party Manifesto and get ready to Party our way into the history books.

Tom and Gary


Over 50,000 people signed up to the original event pages (which were used to determine what cities got chosen for DDPs). But we couldn’t change the dates because Facebook won’t allow it once events get too big. They have been preserved below for posterity and swagging rights.

Update: facebook seems to have deleted them all. Thanks guys.

Los Angeles
New York City

47 Responses to Party Safari 2011: Strictly Business USA (Part One)

  1. Rachel says:

    Hey guys!
    It sucks I don’t actually live in Austin but if you went there I would definitely come and bring a carload of friends. I’ve done all the “requirements” and just wanted to make it clear that though, I live in the Dallas area I would come to Austin and party my ass off with you and the multitudes. I really need an excuse to just let loose, dance like a fool and dress up like I’m down for business. I’m dying to have the rad music, pulsating bodies and buckets of sweat in my life. You guys are hilarious and make me smile. Keep on partying.
    Rachel Joy
    P.S. Gary, I love you.

  2. Rachel says:

    Yes, love it is 😛

  3. David says:

    Tom and Gary!

    I have followed your decentralized dance party shenanigans for a while now and I got really excited when you said that you would be touring the US in 2011. I am still excited that you are touring because I feel like more people should know about what you do, but I couldn’t help but notice that Madison, WI isn’t on your list! We would be a perfect site for your Party Safari 2011! We have started a Facebook group with all the “requirements” and I hope you consider Badger-land for one of your cities! I know there would a turnout of epic proportions if you come! Ever seen pictures of our annual “freakfest?” We can throw a great dance party!
    Thank you for considering Madison!

  4. Rayna says:

    Hey, listen to David. He’s obviously a genius because Madison, WI would be the greatest city to have a DDP in! We got over 1,100 people ‘attending’ in a week! YEAHH! Please come?

  5. wiley says:

    Think its kinda funny Boulder, CO isn’t on your list of cities yet the Facebook page for DDP Boulder has 2,200 people attending in 2 weeks heh.

  6. Amber says:

    Your already coming to Florida, might as well hit up the pan handle.

  7. Shantel says:

    heyy im new to this. Im thinking about going to the on in Charleston, SC! Im like super excited and soo ready to party with you guys!
    See ya then(:

  8. Kay O. Sweaver says:

    Wait. Let me get this straight. No San Francisco? Are you afraid that DDR would simply vanish into obscurity amidst all the drag queens, fun fur, naked clowns and general weirdness that is the bay? WTF?

    Ding Ding Willy Wing

    • Gary says:

      The response on the SF event page was pretty slow, so we had to skip her over. However, we may be able to swing a Party there on the way back to Vancity, later in January… Definitely a city we want to get to. Can u help organize/promo?

  9. Adrian Shipley says:

    I believe that Salt Lake City would respond well to this… And rock it hard… You might be surprised. Awesome what your doing!!!

  10. TentSurf says:

    Im gonna blast the party kids here in PHX. We need a bigger dance culture here in the best way, and you can see from the pledges we rock this sh¥t!

  11. Booger says:

    It’s December 11th! WHERE ARE THE DATES YOU WANKERS!

  12. Roxana says:

    Chicago is waiting!! o.O

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  14. Ryan says:

    Skipping San Francisco was a tactical error.

  15. Severin says:

    San Francisco! Come on down Party People! Dec 30th? Do it! 🙂

  16. Katie says:

    Yo, who did the Verdi remix song in the first video? I need to have it on my iPod…like…immediately. Please help make this happen? Please?

  17. Rubeun says:

    San Francisco has the most epic views and locations and a long history of underground dance events…and swarms of people willing to come to such an event if you publicize it the right way. I participated in the MP3 experiment at Union Square…there was nearly no room to move we literally packed the entire square. And there wasn’t really any dancing involved…think of how many people would show up if there was! Dancing = Life.

  18. t says:

    Come to Mexico City!!!

  19. Kyle Hall says:

    Throw a party in San Diego god damnit! I want to write about, and party with, you..

  20. Tom says:

    i am totally going to STEAL your idea and make a san francisco version, out of spite.

  21. John Doe says:

    Went to the Austin one last night. Good idea, but your track selection was H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. and played out, step it up or Im going to hijack your signal next time.

  22. Daniel says:

    Leave it to the hipsters in Austin to be music elitists.

  23. Brilliant – well done, gentlemen!

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  26. Michael says:

    You should come to Athens or Atlanta, GA!!

  27. Phill says:

    You guys should come to salt lake!! our bike community is so down to help organize one

  28. holly weig says:

    i went to the DDP in Portland last weekend and it was hands-down the coolest thing i’ve ever been a part of. well fucking done gentlemen.

  29. Patrick Ilabaca says:

    Miami loves the DDP!
    We need it here as soon as possible!
    Please fire up the Facebook/Kickstarter invite for Miami!

  30. Ed J. says:

    Decentralized Dance Camp, Black Rock City!

  31. jellybean says:

    AMSTERDAM needs you.

  32. Envy says:

    This is a topic that is near to my heart… Many thanks!
    Exactly where are your contact details though?

  33. BzhBboy says:

    Come on, PARIS want you !!!

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  37. Filip says:

    Come to Rijeka

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