Who Are Tom and Gary and What Is This Thing?

We are Tom and Gary, two lifelong friends who hail from The Future.
And we are the founding fathers of Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party AKA
The Party Revolution.

Our goal is to further the frontiers of Partying, bring joy to millions of people and ensure that Partying is respected, legitimized, and forever enshrined as a cultural institution of paramount importance.

Together, we will crush the despotic Party paradigms of yore and launch a new era of free and democratic Open-Source Partying.
Everyone Is Invited.

STAGE ONE Of The Party Revolution (complete):
Grow the DDP one hundredfold, from 20 people to 20,000 in six crazy months:

STAGE TWO Of The Party Revolution (complete):
Lead a Patriotically-Charged Party Safari on a seven-city tour across Canada, sharing the joy and madness of the DDP with our Canadian brothers and sisters from Coast to Coast:

STAGE THREE Of The Party Revolution (complete):
Lead a Business-Oriented Party Convoy on a 27-stop tour across North America:

In 2011, we Partied across Canada:

And then in 2012 we Partied across The South-Western USA:

Followed by The North-Eastern USA:

STAGE 3.5 Of The Party Revolution (complete):
Upon receiving a surprise offer from Vice UK, it was resolved that we should seize the opportunity and throw an entire Full-Throttle European Tour:



Although it wasn’t clear for awhile whether or not the Euro Tour had been a disaster, before long, things were back on track; the Party Revolution proceeding ever-forward!

This included our first-ever city-wide Party broadcast and the launch of the DDP app:

And the unanticipated debut of Gary’s video blog- Don’t Stop Believing:

STAGE FOUR Of The Party Revolution (soon to be complete):
Deliver the Global Party Pandemic to Every Single Country On The Face Of The Earth and win the Nobel Prize for Partying. This shall include the fabled ‘Stan Tour (Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Transnistria).

We are serious. Don’t stop believing!

Stom And Gary Closeup Wisconsin


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