CAMP DΞCENTRAL At Burning Man 2017!

Much like Camp Dogecoin at Burning Man 2014, Camp Decentral is sure to be:
“A free-forming collision of Fervent Futurists who Take Extreme Delight in All Things Decentralized and/or Have The Hots for Unconventional Hilarity.”


Unbeknownst to many, Burning Man is the world’s preeminent Open-Source community; a peer-produced, collaborative undertaking that annually gives rise to an anarchic, free-forming civilization which bears a striking resemblance to Open-Source software.

Within this dynamic and empowering “operating system”, the autonomy of the participant is paramount and Burning Man is ultimately no more than “what we make it to be”.

Despite mainstream perception as “some sort of desert drug orgy”, with the right kind of eyes, Burning Man reveals itself as nothing less than a true Wonder Of The World!

A radically Open and Decentralized social experiment at the vanguard of modern cultural evolution that consistently attracts and inspires an unbelievable concentration of Unconventional Thought Leaders!

And if ever there were a perfect setting to chart a course for a radically Open and Decentralized future while simultaneously Living Life To The Fullest, this is it!

We will also be filming a short documentary over the course of the week 🙂


The Prime Directive of Camp Decentral is a self-organized speaker series called “Dialogues On Decentralization”, wherein we will be hosting talks on every aspect of the Greater Decentralization Gambit (Decentralized currencies, solar power, 3D printing, MESH networking, Crowdfunding, Partying, etc.).

If you’d like to join the camp, email ASAP with a short bio stating who you are, why you’re interested, what you’d like to contribute (mentally or physically or infrastructurally), and what sort of vehicle(s) you plan to arrive in (so we can organize parking).

If there’s still space, we will let you know. And if not, Camp Decentral is of course Radically Inclusive and you’re welcome to come by and hang out whenever you please.


– We’re still seeking tickets for several camp-mates. Please let us know ASAP if you have any extras to sell!

– And we’re in dire need of as many pairs of Off-Road Blades as possible!


>>> All questions (and requests to join our “Decentralize The World” mailing list) can be directed to info <at> CampDecentral [dot] com

>>> Join the Facebook group HERE.


The illustrious organizers of Camp Decentral