Biographical Information / Mission Statement

For the past five years, Tom Kuzma + Gary Lachance have been staging Unsolicited Dance Parties across Canada and around the world…

Sick of the bar/club scene and sick of the music that other people played at Parties, they broke off, vowing to never again allow themselves or their friends to suffer Bad Music, Bar Rules, Cover Charges, Dumb Bouncers or Inflated Alcohol Prices.

By combining the versatility of the modern Mp3 player with the resilience+volume of the vintage boombox, they created the Ultimate Party Machine: a portable Party-To-Go hybrid that could blare their Own Music as Loud and Late as they pleased.

And, unfettered by any undue costs, rules or curfews, together they would launch countless impromptu Dance Party Takeovers in locations as diverse as pizza parlours, playgrounds, trees and elevators; on buses and subway cars, in hallways and city streets; on beaches, under bridges and roving on bikes; on snow, on water and in the rain.
Aside from the occasional police boombox confiscation, nothing could stop the Party!
Death metal showdowns, Motown beach cruises, all-night 90’s dance marathons; it truly was the stuff of legend!

But now,
By way of a thrilling new technological innovation, they plan to Increase the volume, scale and intensity a hundredfold.
Spread the love as far and wide as possible.
And spark a Party Revolution!

This Movement has a name: The Decentralized Dance Party (DDP)
This Movement has an objective: To Return The Party To The People!

Just what is a Decentralized Dance Party?
It’s portable (entirely battery powered)
It has a single music broadcasting source, coupled to a powerful, portable FM transmitter
And an unlimited number of synchronized boombox recipients who receive the music signal from the transmitter
Extremely versatile in design, it is totally portable, totally interactive and requires No Time to set up or tear down.
It can go anywhere, at any time, and at minimal cost.
Loud and proud; the most fun you’ll ever have.

Why Party indoors?
Or near a power socket?
Pay another cover charge?
Buy another $10 shot?
Or suffer another curfew?
This is the power of the Revolution!

Together, we will Crush the Despotic Party Paradigms Of Yore and launch a new era of Free And Democratic Open-Source Partying!
Partying that anyone can create, participate in or build upon!
Anytime, anywhere, everywhere!

You’re out there.
And you need to Party.
And The Party needs you!

(soon to be illustrated w more photographs)

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