Tentative dates for Party Safari 2011 have been planned and the final city list will be released very soon.

The Cross-Canada portion will be from approx. July 10th to August 20th.
Then we will hit Burning Man for the first week of September.
Then we will tour the USA for a month or two, starting in October.
Get ready to GET WILD!

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4 Responses to PARTY SAFARI 2011 IS COMING.

  1. philippe fournier says:

    you guys need to come to thunder bay there is like 3,000 people that are invited to the event on facebook thunder bay ontario call me 285 1232 ask for phil

  2. Hi There says:

    PEI needs you!! 😀

  3. jordan says:

    I was at your Victoria party last night… lemme just say it was amazing! I wish we couldn’t do this a lot more often. Where’s your next edition?

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