Decentralized Demonstrations require a Decentralized Sound System.

THIS is the Human Microphone:

“From its outset, Occupy Wall Street protestors have not been allowed to use any kind of electronic amplification devices. In being denied the use of bullhorns they have reverted to seemingly archaic means of mass communication, the so-called ‘human microphone.’ During any large group meetings, or even when someone in the Zuccoti Park camp has something they feel is important to say, they yell ‘mic check’ which is then echoed among the surrounding people with each subsequent sentence parsed into easily communicable segments. While the analog, and perhaps unifying, method of widespread communication has been moderately functional it has drawn some criticism for its inability to get across anything more than easily packaged information.”
-full article HERE

THIS is a Decentralized Sound System:

The DSS is extremely resilient and extremely effective and 20 boomboxes can easily transmit music or voice to a crowd of 500. It is infinitely scaleable, and can also be rigged to broadcast silently to portable radios with headphones when noise regulations are an issue. All the equipment required is portable, cheap and readily available.

For these reasons, I believe that Decentralized Sound Systems could be a great asset to the #Occupy movement…

Occupy Wall Street, and the greater #Occupy movement are decentralized, open-source protest movements, the first of their kind. With no clear leaders or explicit demands, they’ve been grossly misunderestimated, especially by the older generation.

But I believe very strongly that decentralization / open-source is the wave of the future and that this movement has the potential to steer Humanity in a very positive direction.

As such, the Decentralized Sound System will be brought out to the Occupy Vancouver rally tomorrow in order to demonstrate its communication capabilities, aid in the discussions, and play some Hot Tracks.

We need some help setting up. If you want to get involved, please contact asap!
Facebook event page HERE.


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2 Responses to Decentralized Demonstrations require a Decentralized Sound System.

  1. ian says:

    Brilliant! I’m actually headed to Occupy Wall St. next week… let’s make it happen…

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