Sort of a long story, but we have an elaborate plan to sell 1,000,000 “Peace Bonds” in order to crowdfund our upcoming “Global Party Pandemic” world tour.

These bonds will sell for $2 apiece and all bearers will be repaid after we’ve won the Nobel Peace prize for Partying, twice in a row, as discussed in the videos below.

Anyhow, the bonds will have a digital component (indelibly etched on the Dogecoin blockchain via a Swarm / DogeParty collaboration) and a physical paper component.

And the design of the physical paper Peace Bonds will be determined by a contest!

The image below, designed by @Stephanie Willsey is the base image that anyone is free to remix and / or derive Such Inspiration from. Just EMAIL us your design, using the subject header “Dogecoin Design Contest”. Or share it on Twitter, using the #PeaceBonds hashtag.

Prizes for the winner(s) will be announced ASAP!

Party Doge update copy

Here’s the original source image. Back in the day, countries would sell war bonds to fund their wars. With your assistance, we’ll turn the notion on its head and Save The World. Promise.

War Bonds

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