The #LiveDanceChallenge Needs YOU!

YOU have been nominated to help us lead the #LiveDanceChallenge!

Please join us as we attempt to unite the entire world in celebration and rally against a situation that has caused an incredible amount of fear, loneliness and separation.

Let’s all work together to make the pandemic Humanity’s Defining Moment and 2020 the best year we’ve ever shared together.

How To Participate:

1. Write the text for your live post (why you accepted the challenge and why your friends should too) and tag: @vyvelife and @theddp (@ddpFTW on Twitter) and use the hashtags: #LiveDanceChallenge and #DanceToSaveTheWorld

2. GO LIVE on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube or LinkedIn.

3. Introduce yourself, the challenge, and why you are doing it.

4. Put on your favorite song, the one you can’t resist dancing to.

5. Dance like the fate of humanity depends upon it and enjoy it fully.

6. Nominate at least 5 others to do the challenge and be sure to tag them in your post (and follow up to encourage them).

7. Save and Share your video and post it on your profile!

Decentralized currency donations are gratefully accepted to help us boost this project and realize our ultimate dream of a Simultaneous Global Dance Party!

BTC: 35BJm6bRrp928MsAxkBUtoXkz5uHBCGnk1

More info is available at:


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