Much like Camp Dogecoin at Burning Man 2014, Camp Decentral is sure to be:
“A free-forming collision of Fervent Futurists who Take Extreme Delight in All Things Decentralized and/or Have The Hots for Unconventional Hilarity.”


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We have booked 1-way tickets to the Middle East…

And will be vlogging the entire voyage, starting with the D10e Decentralization conference in Tel Aviv! CLICK HERE to subscribe to the Don’t Stop Believin’ vlog!

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The #SaveLove DDP was a success / #DSB #12 is LIVE!

The Second annual #SaveLove DDP was a runaway success, with hundreds of folks turning out across North America to Wage Peace on a scale heretofore unseen!

As chronicled in this very special episode of Don’t Stop Believing; featuring not only the #SaveLove DDP, but many other delectable updates as well.

And while you’re at it, check out this video on your cellphone or with a VR headset to enjoy a fully immersive 360-degree Party experience!

If you appreciate our tireless efforts to wage peace like there’s no tomorrow and improve life on earth for all humanity, please consider a donation to our Patreon Campaign.


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V-Day Decentralized Dance Party Announced!

The War on Love is real. Across the globe, there are countless forces that seek to corrupt, co-opt and commodify the ways in which we express our love for each other and ourselves.

Recognizing this, we’ve taken a stand, and plan to reinvent Valentine’s Day as an evening of high-energy celebration and spontaneous loving connection between thousands of total strangers.

Together, we will storm the streets with hundreds of synchronized boomboxes and defend our societies from those who would have us forget what it means to be super Human!

–> Vancouver Facebook Event Page
–> Austin, Texas Facebook Event Page
–> San Francisco Facebook Event Page

–> New York City Facebook Event Page
–> Facebook event page text for those who don’t use Facebook

#SaveLove #TheDDP

This is a 100% community-driven Of-The-People-By-The-People-For-The-People project and only with your support can we keep the dream alive.

If you’d like to help sustain the Party Revolution, our (soon-to-be-updated)
Patreon Campaign Page is the place to do so.

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We’re hosting a MASSIVE city-wide Decentralized Dance Party in Vancouver to ring in New Year’s Eve 2016. By teaming up with a local radio station to rebroadcast our signal and unleashing our brand-new Party app, we will instantly connect hundreds of boomboxes and thousands of Partiers to create a giant city-wide DDP!

(This poster will soon be updated with the correct date and info)

View post on


Click the pic below for the Facebook event page with all the details:


This is a 100% community-driven Of-The-People-By-The-People-For-The-People project and only with your support can we keep the dream alive.

If you’d like to help sustain the Party Revolution, our (also-soon-to-be-updated)
Patreon Campaign Page is the place to do so.


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The First-Ever DDP Summit Was A Success!

Another massive thanks to all the beautiful individuals who came together to create
The First-Ever DDP Summit and pull off what was certainly a Party Mission Impossible.


Against All Odds, and with almost zero lead time, we somehow slammed together one of the greatest DDPs to date, in cahoots with a radical radio partner who rebroadcast our Party out for hundreds of miles across the entire Lower Mainland!

A bit of the story behind it all is recounted in the video above and the photo+video below, but if you want to go deep, check out the full Facebook album HERE.

Photo by Davis Chu -


Photo by Davis Chu -

Photo by Davis Chu -

Photo by Davis Chu -

Anyone with the freshly-debuted DDP App could either tune in to CFRO Community Radio and link up to create their own independent DDPs or track down The Main DDP.

DDP App (compressed)

Rocky and Lynden, holding it DOWN all night long at CFRO!


Creating a city-wide DDP is an experiment we’ve been wanting to pull off for years and it went incredibly well. One step closer to our Simultaneous Global Dance Party!


Beyond that, there was a Full-Throttle Roman Candle Battle:

Slip n Slide Directly Into The Dirt Pandemonium:

_dsc5561 _dsc5579 _dsc5581


Third Beach Night Moves:




A Vancouver Mural Fest Panel On The Social Good Of Partying

And last but definitely not least, An Impromptu Action On The Summit Of Mt. Seymour where everything came to a head in a memorable / moving Monument To The Absurd hahahaahhahahahaha

_dsc5725 _dsc5732 _dsc5737



_dsc5747 _dsc5749

_dsc5771 _dsc5775


It was a long-overdue victory and it’s been quite awhile since the Unlikely Magic elevated this thing beyond the realm of All Earthly Possibility. With faith in the universe and fire in our hearts, we’re now laying plans for the final stage of The Party Revolution!


Allll the details are rapidly forthcoming. A few can be found on our (soon-to-be-massively-updated) Patreon Campaign Page. Please consider becoming a monthly supporter of The Party Revolution. We’re all in this together, and together we can succeed!

Love Everlasting,
Tom and Gary and the Elite DDP Party Family

A Halloween DDP is dropping soon in Vancouver- click the banana man below for all the details!


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The First-Ever DDP Summit- ALL THE DETAILS!

We’re hosting a Party Summit in Vancouver on the weekend of August 19-21 to celebrate the DDP’s 7-year anniversary. For the first time ever, we’ll be teaming up with a local radio station to rebroadcast our signal and unleashing our brand-new Party app: “The Tinder Of Partying”. It will instantly connect all Partiers to create a giant city-wide DDP!



The Summit will also be an international “Meeting Of The Decentralized Minds” that will lay the groundwork for the future of The Party Revolution!


We’re still finalizing the itinerary. Sign up to The DDP Mailing List and the Facebook event pages below to get all the detailsssssssss.


If you’d like to help sustain the Party Revolution, our (soon-to-be-revised) Patreon campaign page is the place to do so!


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We Just Launched Our Patreon Page!

With all the details of our crazy plans for 2016 and beyond, including the First-Ever DDP Summit. Check it out, share it on and support the Glorious Cause if you like what you see! (by clicking the pic below)

Patreon JpegDDPsummit01


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Party Safari- European Edition. Was It A Disaster?

Not Art Without Potential For Disaster

In July 2015, we received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be flown to London and given a full fleet of boomboxes in order to host a DDP that would be featured in a Vice UK documentary. Nothing too complicated, and the potential for disaster was relatively slim.


It also represented a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reunite the DDP Family for a full European tour and film the narrative backbone for our long-in-production documentary film Another Night, Another Dream“.

And although I’d sworn after the last Party Safari in 2012 to never rush into another one without adequate time to fully prepare and secure the necessary financing, after much discussion, we decided to roll the dice and create some high-stakes art.

A last-minute crowdfunding campaign was created, credit limits were extended, fingers were crossed, and the potential for disaster massively increased as we hurled ourselves headlong into a sixth insane Party Safari adventure…


As our departure date drew near, the numbers were moving extremely slowly on the event pages and crowdfunder. It was impossible to know whether language and cultural barriers would cause the whole thing to fail and anxiety ran extremely high as we scrambled to get the numbers up.

Everyone also kept warning us that “things are different in Europe”, that the police were all on high alert for terrorist activities, and that “what worked in North America wouldn’t necessarily work over here”.

With only several days to go before the first DDP, the numbers were still alarmingly low. As we worked hurriedly to prepare all the boomboxes and props in our East London hideout, it was anyone’s guess how it would all play out…




But then!

The London DDP went incredibly well. Hundreds showed up and Vice got all the footage required for their documentary, which should be getting released on November 9th!

DSC_6359 copy

DSC_6404 copy12183779_10153822683265676_6855668668061412551_o 12052440_10153822680620676_5110217951613517558_o(1)

Paris was even better: starting at the Louvre, getting wild on the Metro, serenading some overjoyed newlyweds, and adventuring across countless historical monuments for an epic Eiffel Tower finale.

DSC_7588 copy

12182933_10153822992460676_1978641371455208726_o(1) 12182990_10153823002145676_2167651181564055364_o(1)


On our first night in Berlin, we presented the DDP and discussed its Open-Source ethos with a very receptive crowd at the Bitcoin/Singularity Meets Self-Improvement meetup. Big thanks again to Trent at for organizing!


Berlin was everything a DDP should be: a massive crowd dressed to the nines, an insanely ambitious Party route seen to completion, a bewildered police escort the entire way, and a magnificent meatloaf finale at the Brandenburg Gate.

11222207_10153824496425676_2943267213833296488_o 12182569_10153824634440676_418654308310341564_o(1) 12182464_10153824497260676_2270070963999884733_o



And then we inadvertently found ourselves at the best afterParty of all time…

We were just sitting there eating, when, without warning, the donair guys pulled out a Party light and fired up the craziest Party playlist ever: Turkish Techno, Backstreet Boys, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Limp Bizkit, etc. all just POUNDING through the roof PA speakers at max volume and completely blowing out. It lasted for hours. It was beautiful.

Turin was next. It was a huge turnout, with hordes of hot-blooded Italians blasting off  high-powered pyrotechnics as we Partied over, under, and across one of the most historic cities in the world.


12030260_10153116785110423_7957211640862456502_o(1) 12063864_10153765435600676_8315065010001092023_n(1)

DSC_0464 2 copy

And Arte TV flew in to film a follow-up to their rad 2012 piece on The Party Revolution:

Venice was an intentionally intimate Party with no set route; just a small gang running wild through the ancient architecture for hours on end, yelling “Biennale! Bienalle!” (Venice’s Biennale is the longest-running art exhibition in the world) as we shared our unique flavor of art with hundreds of incredulous and overjoyed participants.

DSC_0036 1 copyDSC_0104 1 copy

Next up was the overnight ferry to Greece. Although the pool and disco were shut down for the off-season and the only remaining attraction was hundreds of surly mediterranean truck drivers, we still managed to salvage some very good times:

Athens was our final stop and the biggest question mark of the tour. With the recent unrest and machine gun toting riot police on patrol all over the city, it was impossible to know whether this would be the bitter end of the Party Revolution…



DSC_0135 copy

To everyone’s surprise, regardless of how large and crazy the Party got, the Athens police completely ignored us, except for one of the ceremonial guardsmen at Syntagma Square (who was caught busting a move during the Meatloaf finale).

With tears in their eyes, overjoyed locals thanked us wholeheartedly for traveling to the other side of the planet to share our unique brand of freedom and connection with a society that had seen plenty of hardship in recent times.

It was one of the greatest DDPs ever, and a magnificent end to yet another Party Safari that, against all odds, somehow worked out. Further proof that Capital-P-Partying can instantly transcend all cultural and language barriers and indeed has the power to unite the world in celebration!

DSC_0505 copy

Night after night, the magic of the DDP held strong and hundreds of people were unified without inhibition to celebrate life and liberty in a glorious monument to the human spirit.

As with every DDP on every Party Safari before, every night was indeed “Another Dream” and an incredible success. And to top it all off, we’d managed to capture all the footage required to finally complete our “Another Night, Another Dream” documentary!

Unfortunately, behind the scenes, things were extremely stressful for everyone involved. Once again, expenses had far exceeded revenues and the tour had taken a steep toll on my body, mind, spirit and relationship.


Throughout the three nonstop months of preparation and execution required to pull this thing off, my greatest fear (besides triggering an aneurysm) was that I might burn out and be unable to sustain the dream any longer. That this really might be the end.

It’s been a long, hard six-year struggle to keep the Party Revolution going.

A crazy amount of money has been invested, a million mind-numbing hours spent chained to the computer dealing with logistics, many fallouts with close collaborators, endless frustrations on all fronts, and we’re now on our seventh “Tom”. For real. (he’s great).


When I began writing this post, I honestly wasn’t sure whether or not this thing had been a disaster. Despite all the successes listed above, I’d been red-lining for way too long and driven myself to the brink. For the first time in my life, anxiety had been creeping in and was seriously affecting my mood, memory and motivation.

But recounting the story of the tour and re-living all the amazing moments we delivered and shared has been quite cathartic and at this point I’m feeling much better about it all.

I still love and believe in the DDP with all my heart and know that Capital-P-Partying and Decentralized Sound Systems have the power to instantly connect thousands of people and unite the world like nothing else.

And I still believe that this thing has the potential to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Over the years, we’ve received such an overwhelming outpouring of love, support and respect from so many of the most beautiful spirits on the planet and all I want to do is continue to inspire and be inspired by them.

This project has exceeded all my expectations, opened my eyes to an astounding number of truths, connected me with so many incredible people, and been an amazing odyssey of mischief, adventure and personal growth.

Despite all the challenges, in my mind, this project is still the funnest, funniest, most life-affirming thing I could be doing; something that truly speaks to and from my soul.

I just need to figure out a way to move forward with it from a place of mental and financial stability; to do the DDP in a way that allows me to once again enjoy the process and lead a life that is fun and fulfilling and create art from a place of wonder and inspiration rather than stress and mania.

And so, on the advice of a reputable shaman, I’ve gone to the the wilderness for awhile to unplug from it all and revitalize my body, mind and spirit.


Unless my time in the woods convinces me down a different path, when I emerge, I’ll be seeking to connect with as many people as possible who want to get directly involved and help to make this crazy dream reality. Roles will include marketing, design, strategy, research, web design, media outreach, filming and editing, creating your own DDPs, etc.

Ongoing projects include: The Social Stereo, DDP Field Manual, DDP Documentary, and The Global Party Pandemic. And we’re seeking a distributor for the documentary as well.

If you have a special skill you’d like to lend, or just really believe in this thing and want to get involved however you can, please join the Mailing List for updates, or EMAIL DIRECT to let us know how you’d like to get involved, especially if you live in Vancouver!

And for anyone who came out and had a great time, or believes in what we’re doing and wants to support it from afar, the Euro Tour crowdfunder is still live at: 🙂

Crowdfunder Page For Blog Post jpeg

Aaaaaaaand bringing things full circle, a final mention of “Partying as Art”:

“Art is the act of triggering deep memories of what it means to be fully human”
– David Whyte


I met an amazingly talented new friend whilst in the woods who shared my love of music and philosophy and the philosophy of music and we recorded the radical interview embedded below:

After several months in the woods, I made my way back to Vancouver, mended my relationship with Kerry and am once again fired up and going full-throttle on the Party Revolution!

The Vice doc was released and it turned out to be pretty righteous:

As did this music video that was commissioned by THANKS and created by Mark Boucher:

And we also just launched a Patreon campaign that will hopefully help to sustain the next five crucial months leading up to the first-ever DDP Summit. Please support if you can 🙂



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European Tour Announced!

With your support, the joy and madness of the DDP will soon be shared with a significant slice of the European union!

Click Below For Facebook Event Pages:
LONDON- Sept. 17

PARIS- Sept. 19
BERLIN- Sept. 23
TURIN- Sept. 25

VENICE- Sept. 26
ATHENS- Oct. 2
(and please invite everyone you know)

And click the pic below to be magically transported to the main Party Safari Europe page with all the information!

Europe Map Fixed Dates

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